Homecoming – A new oil painting of salmon


Oil on Canvas   30″ x 40″

Homecoming is a new oil painting depicting spawning salmon on their journey up the American River in Folsom, CA.  The returning salmon embody the idea of homecoming, renewal, and regeneration.  I find enticing what is seen on the water’s surface as well as the transparent layer just below the surface.  First, the water’s surface where we find reflections, as well as the patterns created by salmon movement below the surface.  Lastly, the hues and pattern found on the salmon themselves is in itself just as intriguing.



Natural Bridges

Natural Bridges

“Natural Bridges”  Oil on Copper

“Natural Bridges” is a painting I completed plein air (from life); my inspiration the rock formations seen from the parking lot at Natural Bridges State Park in Northern California, just outside of Santa Cruz, CA.  The park is notable not only for the rock outcroppings, but the tide pools below.  This painting is part of the Paint-the-Parks movement and is the first painting within this group to sell to fellow artist and studio partner, Carol Ross – thanks Carol!

Crocker Kingsley Competition

Crocker Kingsley Competition – I am proud to announce my newest painting “Underwater Harmony”  from the  Sea Jelly (jellyfish) Series has been accepted into the 2012 Crocker Kingsley art competition.  This juried competition has a longstanding 40 year history and past exhibitors have included Robert Arneson, Elmer Bischoff, Fred Dalkey, David Gilhooly, Ralph Goings, Gregory Kondos, and Wayne Thiebaud.

I hope to see you at the reception Nov 17 from 7 to 9 pm.